World Sexual Health Day 2023

What is World Sexual Health Day?

World Sexual Health Day is celebrated annually on 4 September to raise awareness about the importance of sexual health, rights, justice and pleasure for ALL.


WSHD was first launched in 2010 by Rosemary Coates of Australia during her WAS Presidency. This important day brings people together worldwide to promote sexual health, rights, justice and pleasure.
One of the essential things WSHD focuses on is recognising sexual health as a human right, just like the WAS Sexual Rights Declaration did 25 years ago.

World Sexual Health Day is vital to WAS’s mission to bring Sexual Health, Rights, Justice and Pleasure to ALL. So let’s join in celebrating this important day!

2023 Theme

The theme for WSHD 2023 is consent

As a society, we have come a long way in recognising the importance of sexual health, rights and justice, but there is still much work to be done in creating a culture of consent.

Consent is a crucial element of any healthy sexual encounter, and we must educate ourselves and others on what it means and how to obtain it. In addition, it is essential to respect and value everyone’s autonomy and choices in sexual matters, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor.

This year’s theme of consent encourages us to reflect on our behaviour and how we can positively impact our communities. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, start conversations, and take action towards creating a world where everyone feels safe, respected, and empowered in their sexual lives.


WSHD aims to promote education, dialogue, and action around sexual health and rights to ensure that everyone has access to accurate information and services. WAS calls on everyone – governments, organisations, healthcare providers, advocates, and the media – to promote consent as a fundamental aspect of sexual rights.


WSHD promotes the need to make sexual health a global priority. It is also a day to celebrate and honour our rights to pleasure, autonomy, and respect.

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