WAS Antalya Turkiye Congress Declaration on Sexual Justice

We are pleased to announce a significant milestone achieved during WAS 2023. Our Sexual Justice Initiative Committee, chaired by Alain Giami, Eszter Kismodi and Esther Corona, meticulously prepared a draft of the WAS Declaration on Sexual Justice, a testament to months of dedicated effort. This pivotal document, which symbolises our collective commitment to sexual justice, is linked below.

We were honoured to discuss this draft of the WAS Sexual Justice Declaration during the SJI consultation where thought leaders came together to discuss the draft before it was solemnly proclaimed at the closing ceremony.
As we move forward, we are eagerly expecting your valuable input to further refine and enhance this declaration, ensuring it truly represents our shared vision for sexual justice and rights. Please feel free to send your comments to Lisa Welsh at office@worldsexualhealth.net.