Sexual Health & Sexual Rights For All in Porto

October 13 | 14:00 | Reitoria da UPorto

The WAS – World Association for Sexual Health will host a Public Session on the topic: Sexual Health & Sexual Rights For All



  • Maria de Fátima Marinho, Vice-Reitora das Relações Externas e Cultura, UPorto
  • Maria Emília Costa, Presidente do Conselho Científico da FPCEUP


  • Francisco Allen Gomes, Fundador da Sociedade Portuguesa de Sexologia Clínica *
  • António Pacheco Palha, antigo presidente da European Federation of Sexology *


  • Pedro Nobre (Portugal), Presidente da WAS
    World Association for Sexual Health: Mission Statement & Main Goals
  • Esther Corona (México), Vice-Presidente da WAS: Sexual Rights across the World
  • Alain Giami (França), Presidente da Comissão Científica da WAS: Sexual Health across the World
  • Ítor Finotelli (Brasil), Secretário Geral e Tesoureiro da WAS: The Legacy of Sexology


The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) promotes sexual health through the world by developing and supporting sexology and sexual rights for all. Our membership represents more than one hundred organizations from the five continents and thousands of experienced and trainee sexologists from a variety of disciplines.

Sexual health is a central dimension of overall health and wellness and a fundamental area in people’s lives. The concept of sexual health is also closely associated with the idea of sexual rights. Everyone is entitled to have a satisfying sex life, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. The World Association of Sexual Health in its Sexual Rights Declaration(WAS, 2014) emphasizes the idea that sexual rights are essential to the full expression of sexual health and are based on universal human rights.

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