Dear members of WAS

I am pleased to announce that Luis Perelman is the new Secretary General/Treasurer of WAS.
Luis will continue to build on the work done by Ítor Finotelli with whom I worked collaboratively and very successfully for more than two and a half years.

In this transition period I would like to emphasize and thank the work that Ítor has done for WAS as Secretary General/Treasurer. Ítor played a very relevant role in reorganizing the financial component of WAS, fixing long-term unresolved banking issues, and assisting in structuring WAS organization in terms of procedures and systematization of information. We worked collaboratively for a long period and I can testify the extraordinary amount of time and investment he devoted to WAS.

Luis is a long-term member of WAS who has made substantial contributions in promoting the WAS mission and values widely. Luis has chaired the World Sexual Health Day committee (one of the most important and emblematic of WAS activities), he has played a role at diplomatic level to support the WAS application to gain ECOSOC consultative status, and together with Osmar, was central in organizing the memorable WAS congress in Mexico (to highlight just a few of his contributions).

But more importantly in my view is the way he has always been dedicated to WAS since the time we both joined the AC in 2009. I will never forget the way he gave up the organization of the Mexico Congress (which was supposed to happen 2 years earlier with Luis as Congress President) in order to help WAS solve a conflicting problem with the PCO at the time.

I am very honoured that Luis has accepted to work alongside me as WAS Secretary General/Treasurer. Welcome!


Warm regards, 
Pedro Nobre