Sexual Rights Committee

The Sexual Rights Committee (SRC) is a statutory committee of the World Association for Sexual Health. The purpose of this committee is to monitor and respond to breaches of sexual rights throughout the world and to provide evidence-based advice on sexual rights. It was founded in 1997 by Juan José Borrás-Valls and María Pérez-Conchillo in Spain.

WAS is dedicated to promoting sexual rights all over the world. This committee monitors their realisation and reacts to infringements. We believe that sexual rights are universal and inalienable human rights that belong to every single human being regardless of their attributes, sexual orientation or preferences.

The Committee engages in the promotion of Sexual Rights by (a) writing and mailing letters to denounce the violations of Human Sexual Rights in different parts of the world, and (b) supporting other similar initiatives and signing letters which denounce the violation of Human Sexual Rights in different parts of the world.

Members 2017-2021

Chair: Tommi Paalanen
Vice-Chairs: Christopher Fox (Australia), Yuko Higashi (Japan)


Agata Loewe (Poland)
Bobby Khan (Bangladesh)
Eli Coleman (United States)
Faysal El Kak (Lebanon)
Felipe Hurtado-Murillo (Spain)
George Turner (United States)
Ingrid Geray (France)
K.S. Jeyarani Kamaraj (India)
Katrine Rose Andryushchenko (Russia)
Marcia Rocha (Brazil)
María Pérez-Conchillo (Spain)
Tamara Adrian (Venezuela)

Declaration of Sexual Rights


Members Bio

Tommi Paalanen

Tommi Paalanen, MA, D.Soc.Sci, is a Finnish Philosopher and Ethicist, whose major interests are philosophical sexual ethics, professional ethics, philosophy of law, human & sexual rights and sexual politics. He works as the Executive Director in the Sexpo Foundation, which specializes in training sexologists, providing counselling and therapy and engaging in sexual politics in order to advance sexual wellbeing and freedom. Tommi’s other notable positions are the Chair of the Ethical Committee of the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (NACS), and the Chair of the Committee on Sexual Ethics and Treasurer of the Finnish Association for Sexology (FIAS) among other positions of trust. Tommi is very fond of political activism to advance positive, open and liberal culture towards sexuality and diversity in society.



Christopher Fox

Dr Christopher Fox is a Senior Lecturer in Sexual Health (Sexology). He is also the Psychosexual Therapy Pathway Coordinator for the Postgraduate Program in Sexual and Reproductive Health. Christopher has a background in public health as well as counselling and psychotherapy. He runs a private practice in Melbourne (Sex Life Therapy) as a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist in addition to his academic position. Christopher’s research interests include sexuality, masculinity and psychosexual/sex therapy. Recently his research has focused on men, masculinity and therapy; ageing sexuality and Baby-boomers in non-normative relationships; and LGBTIQ issues, especially fear of heterosexism and intrafamilial queer-hate crime. Christopher is interested in mixed methodological approaches, and therefore is quantitative (statistics) and qualitative trained.



Yuko Higashi

Yuko Higashi is a full professor and the deputy director of Women’s Studies Center at Osaka Prefecture University in Japan, teaching Social Work and Gender/Sexuality. She has been a member of WAS Advisory Committee since 2009, a member of Asia-Oceania Federation of Sexology (AOFS) since 2010, and a board member of Japanese Federation of Sexology (JFS). She’s a co-founder of the NGO Sexuality Education and Empowerment (SEE) and helped start Trans-Net Japan, served as a consultant for the Guideline Committee of the Japanese Association for Psychiatry and Neurology, and is also a board member of Japanese Association for Sex Education, Nijiiro (Rainbow) Diversity, Rape Crisis Network (RC-Net), and other domestic organizations in Japan.




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