International Liaison Committee (2021-2025)

Assist WAS management including its Committees with their international contacts and collaborate in the activities that may have an international impact or involve international partners.

  • Exchanging information about international activities with WAS governance, management, and Committees.
  • Informing and receiving information from WAS governance, management and committees of international activities relevant for their work . 
  • Suggesting and overseeing ways in which WAS interacts with international partners and suggesting means to strengthen its work in the international arena.


WAS, by definition is an international organization with members that span all over the world and as such it needs the interaction and support with other international organizations. WAS Officers and Committees are often involved in international activities and a simple system should be in place where all  receive information about international activities and in turn inform the ILC of activities which may have international relevance. This does not require a complicated system but rather information through the newsletter and/or copying on relevant emails and other communication means.


Chair: Esther Corona (Mexico)

Vice-Chair: Pedro Nobre (Portugal)



Meet The Committee

Esther Corona

Esther Corona Vargas is a clinical psychologist. Has worked in sexuality education, sexual and reproductive health and gender for over 50 years. Founder (1972) and President of the Mexican Association for Sexuality Education (AMES), first NGO in Mexico and pioneer in Latin America. Ex-President of the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for Sexuality Education. First Vice President of FEMESS. President of FLASESS during 1998–2002. Has been associated with WAS since its founding and has been a member of its Executive and Advisory Committees in several administrations. International Consultant for United Nations Agencies as well as international and national NGOs.

Pedro Nobre

Bio Coming Soon...

Past Members 2017-2021

Chair: Esther Corona Vargas (Mexico)

Vice-Chair: Alain Giami (France)