Congress Committee



Members 2017-2021

Chair: Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)

Chiara Simonelli (Italy)
Lars-Gösta Dahlöf (Sweden)
Rubén Hernández-Serrano (Venezuela)

Members Bio

Jaqueline Brendler

Jaqueline Brendler is gynecologist specialized in sexuality and has certification in sexology. More than 80 articles published, invited as a speaker in more than 270 scientific events. Former president of the Brazilian Society of Studies in Human Sexuality (SBRASH), President of WAS’s Congress (2013). Since 2010, it has promoted sexual health and sexual rights mainly through the Coordination in Brazil (in several capitals and cities) of the WSHD. In 2019 belongs to Executive Committee of WAS as Secretary Associate for Americas, is President of the Latin American Federation of Sexology and Sex Education Societies (FLASSES),International Academy of Medical Sexology (AISM) and Deliberative Committee of SBRASH.




Chiara Simonelli

Chiara Simonelli Chiara Simonelli is an associate professor in clinical sexology at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. She is a regular lecturer in the psychology and psychopathology of sexual behavior and teaches the degree course in psychology. She is a founding member of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology (FISS), Past President of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and a Member of the Advisory Board of WAS for many years. Prof Simonelli has acted as a consultant for the first television program on sexual health ‘Love and Sex’ and received the Culture Prize in 1989 for her book ‘Psychology and AIDS’.




Lars-Gösta Dahlöf

Lars-Gösta Dahlöf is an associate professor in psychology and clinical sexology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is a senior lecturer in psychology and sexual health and has developed a comprehensive course program in sexology, tailored especially for various health professionals like physicians, psychologists, midwives, social workers. L-G Dahlöf is a founding member of the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (President 1983-1986). In 2000 LGD was awarded The Gothenburg University Pedagogical Prize and 2013 the WAS Gold Medal for his lifelong contribution. Congress President of the WAS 19th World Congress for Sexual Health, Gothenburg 2009. He is a full member of IASR, SSSS, AASECT, ISSM and Member of WAS Advisory Board for many years.




Rubén Hernández-Serrano

Rubén Hernández-Serrano, MD (UCV), Psychiatrist (Maudsley Hospital UK), Sexologist (UCV), MSc in Criminology (UCV), Professor in Forensic Psychiatry and Medical Legal Sexology, Central University Venezuela. Past President of the Venezuelan Society of Medical Sexology, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), the Latin American Federation of Sexology and Sex Education Societies (FLASSES)) and International Academy of Medical Sexology (AIMS). Honorary Chairman and Founder Psychiatry and Human Sexuality Section, the World Psychiatric Association (WPA). President of the IX World Congress of Sexology, Caracas (1989). President of O.C. International Symposia of Human Sexuality in Caracas (1-17th) (1978-2009). WAS Gold Medal 2013, Member of the Advisory Committee since foundation in 1978.




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