The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) has several committees dedicated to international networking and influencing policies worldwide.

Statutory Committees and Chairs

Education Committee

Chair: Osmo Kontula (Finland), Vice-Chair: Cristina Tania Fridman (Argentina)

Finance Committee

Chair: Itor Finotelli Jr. (Brazil)

Membership Committee

Chair: Elna Rudolph (South Africa), Vice-Chair: Patti Britton (United States)

Scientific Committee

Chair Alain Giami (France), Vice-chair: Erick Janssen (Belgium/United States)

Sexual Rights Committee

Chair: Tommi Paalanen (Finland), Vice-chairs: Christopher Fox (Australia) & Yuko Higashi (Japan)

Ad hoc Committees and Chairs

Congress Committee

Chair: Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)

Council of Past Presidents

Chair: Kevan Wylie (United Kingdom)

Gold Medal Committee

Co-Chair: Julia R. Heiman (United States) & Eleanor Maticka-Tindale (Canada)

Governance Committee

Chair: Rosemary Coates (Australia), Vice-Chair: Terry Humphreys (Canada)

International Liaison Committee

Chair: Esther Corona (Mexico), Vice-Chairs: Alain Giami (France)

Media Committee

Chair: Patti Britton (United States)

Middle East Sexual Health Committee

Chair: Faysal El Kak (Lebanon)

World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) Committee

Chair: Luis Perelman (Mexico), Co-Chairs: Felipe Hurtado-Murillo (Spain) & Patrícia Pascoal (Portugal).

Youth Initiative Committee

Co-Chairs: Stefano Eleuteri (Italy) & Antón Castellanos Usigli (United States)

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