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Sexual and reproductive health services must be available for survivors of rape in conflicts

The World Association for Sexual Health stresses that sexual and reproductive health services are crucial for recovery of sexual violence survivors in conflict zones and other situations. The United Nations must aim for survivor-focused policies in the protection of women, girls and vulnerable people during conflicts. The Security Council of the United Nations has adopted a resolution (S/RES/2467-2019) under the title of Women and peace and security: Sexual violence in conflict, which omitted sexual and reproductive health entirely. The resolution significantly weakens the ongoing work to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of victims of sexual violence during (more…)

WAS statement about marital rape and related issues in India

The Gujarat High Court in India has stated that sex without consent within marriage should be considered rape. The court demanded the abolition of the marital rape exemption in the penal code of India and stated that “the law must uphold the bodily autonomy of all women, irrespective of their marital status”. The World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) supports the statement by the Gujarat High Court, and urges the Government of India to take steps necessary to criminalise marital rape. Violence within marriage is a widespread problem in India (NFHS-4), and it is connected to child or early marriages (more…)

Ireland: The right to decide about reproduction belongs to all women

May 23, 2018 The World Association for Sexual Health urges all citizens and organisations in Ireland to support the freedom to decide about their own bodies, reproduction and family planning and go to vote on May 25th. The citizens of the Republic of Ireland will vote on May 25th whether to amend the constitution regarding the conditions when women can have abortion. Currently in Ireland abortion is legal only when the mother’s life is threatened by the pregnancy, including suicide. If a simple majority votes “yes” the constitution will be amended, which would make it possible to create laws in (more…)

WAS statement about limitations of abortion rights in Poland

  WAS statement about limitations of abortion rights in Poland 4th April 2018 Alarming news reports are coming from Poland this week about the right and access to abortion. Right to abortion is being challenged at the national Parliament. At the initiative of the Catholic Church, the Members of Parliament are asked to discuss and vote a new bill that will restrict and prohibit the already limited situations for which abortion is authorized in Poland. The procedure is authorized only if the life of the fetus is at risk or if there is a grave threat to the health of (more…)