Who is WAS?

WAS is a Confederation representing thousands of people who work in Sexual Health globally, including Healthcare Professionals, Educators and Activists.

WAS is actively creating a world in which all people have access to Sexual Health, Rights, Justice and Pleasure. WAS achieves this through its regional federations, global memberships and strategic collaborations with international partners.

The Mission of WAS

Contribute to sexual health, rights, justice and pleasure policy making and standard setting

Promote and showcase sexuality research.

Enhance the professional capacities of sexual health practitioners.

Support and advance comprehensive sexuality education.

Endorse the work of professionals and activists involved in: sexual health, rights, justice and pleasure activism.

How does WAS work?

WAS has regional representation in the form of its Official Federations.

The work of WAS is done through committees chaired by WAS Advisory Committee members and functions under specific terms of reference.

The highest governing body of WAS is the General Assembly which consist of representatives of all the WAS Membership Organisations. The Advisory Committee of WAS is elected by the General Assembly.

The day-to-day running of the organisation is the responsibility of the officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary General and Immediate Past President).  The President and Vice-President of WAS are elected by the Advisory Committee and the Secretary General is appointed by the President.

WAS is aligned with the 2030 Agenda of the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with WAS working actively toward the realisation of almost all of the SDGs.

WAS Timeline

Working Committees

Membership Committee

Chair: Mehmet Sungur, Vice Chair: Lynn Barclay

Finance Committee

Chair: Luis Perelman

Sexuality Education Committee

Chair: Osmo Kontula, Vice Chair: Esther Corona Vargas

Scientific Committee

Chair: Erick Janssen, Vice Chair: Terry Humphreys

Sexual Rights Committee

Chair: Eszter Kismodi, Vice Chair: Jeyarani Kamaraj

International Liaison Committee

Chair: Esther Corona, Vice Chair: Pedro Nobre

World Sexual Health Day Committee

Chair: Lynn Barclay, Vice Chair: Stefano Eleuteri

Youth Committee

Chair: Stefano Eleuteri, Vice Chair: Teboho Berta Mohlai

Media Committee

Chair: Bradley Daniels, Vice Chair: Patti Britton

Congress Committee

Chair: Jeyarani Kamaraj, Vice Chair: Mehmet Sungur

Governance Committee

Chair: Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles, Vice Chair: Esther Corona

Sexual Justice Initiative Committee

Chair: Alain Giami, Vice Chair: Esther Corona and Eszter Kismodi

Transgender and Gender Diversity (TGD) Committee

Chair: Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad

Professional Education in Sexology Committee

Chair: Elsa Almas, Vice Chair: Leiszle Lapping-Carr

What does WAS do?


Ethical and professional Clinical Sexology (Sexual Medicine, Sex Therapy and Sex Counselling); Sexuality Education, and Scientific Research in sexuality.


For changes in public policy to recognise sexual health and rights as key determinants of general well-being.


With member organisations and international partners to ensure sexual health and rights for all.

WAS Theory of Change

In official relationship with

Non-State Actors in official relations

Consultative Status

Non-State Actors in official relations

Statutes and official documents