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The Sexual Health Chapter in the ICD-11: Implications for Providers of Mental Health and Sexual Health Care

Welcome to WAS Conversations Session 4, a monthly series dedicated to advance sexual health and rights for all. This time in collaboration with HRP, which is the main instrument within the United Nations system (UNDP / UNFPA / UNICEF / WHO / WORLD BANK) for research in human reproduction, bringing together policy-makers, scientists, health care providers, clinicians, consumers and community representatives to identify and address priorities for research to improve sexual and reproductive health. Session 4 will center on the new Sexual Health chapter of the ICD-11, that reflects sexual rights, evidence-based considerations and advances in depathologizations. We hope you will enjoy the presentations by experts who participated (more…)

With Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters and The Pleasure Project

World Sexual Health Day 2020: Sexual Pleasure in Times of COVID-19This is Session 3 of WAS Conversations, a monthly series on Advancing Sexual Health and Sexual Rights for ALL, this time in collaboration with Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters and The Pleasure Project.On this occasion we are celebrating World Sexual Health Day, a WAS initiative that has been celebrated for the past 11 years.  We are inviting our members and likeminded allies all over the world to organize local events to reach a wider audience.The theme this year is “Sexual Pleasure in Times of COVID-19” combining the Declaration of Sexual (more…)