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We write to you today to urge you to support the inclusion of three key proposals for revisions to ICD-11; specifically, that there should be a chapter on Conditions Related to Sexual Health, and that diagnoses employed to facilitate transgender people’s access to gender affirming healthcare, Gender Incongruence, should be among those placed in this chapter. These proposals have been widely supported by those involved in sexual health, and more specifically in the provision of healthcare to transgender people.  As we approach the final year before the ICD-11’s anticipated approval, it has come to our attention that each of these proposals may (more…)

WAS 2017 Awards

10 best abstracts 10 best abstracts were awarded during the WAS 2017 Congress in Prague Nicoletta Cera Dynamics of the Inhibition of Genital Response in Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction Richard de Visser Evolutionary and social cognitive models of jealousy: a population-representative study Faysal El Kak Lebanon Female survivors of sexual abuse: Do they differ in sexual behavior, attitudes, and perceptions towards sexuality? Findings from a cross-sectional survey conducted among university students in Lebanon Roman Chmel Moderated Poster Sexual Life of Women with Rokitansky Syndrome after Laparoscopic Vecchietti’s Vaginoplasty Robyn Jackowich Is persistent genital arousal disorder a subtype of vulvodynia? Examining women’s (more…)

President’s Message

Dear colleagues, It is with great pleasure that I share this message with you all as the new elected president of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). I am deeply grateful for the trust that the WAS member societies and the new elected Advisory Committee (AC) members have deposited on me. I would also like to congratulate all colleagues who were just elected for the new WAS AC and send a word of recognition to the ones who have just completed their term. Since my first experience with WAS, back in 1999 at the Hong-Kong Congress, I have been (more…)